Thank you for visiting my web site.         

 I 'm a self-taught artist, born and brought up in Osaka
Now I live in Kobe.
In 2002, a house wife suddenly have started to paint and gotten into action as SoranoAo.

As I have been loving watching the various colors of the sky since childhood, it may be one of the reasons that made me start to paint.

I aolso love nature observation.
Since 2007, I have been a member of Suma Apualife Park Volunteers.

In my image, life is deeply and strongly associated with blue, and perhaps it my be a reason I feel very free in blue.

I hope you enjoy the varaiety of blue with me.



Grand prix (2004)   
HIRO YAMAGATA PROSESS celler phone official cite, New commer contest)

Award for Encouragement(2006)
(Gallery「風」 the 9th Small size Art Contest)

Award from Caffe de Marche
(Art Move Small size Art contest)

Award from Asahi News Paper Co.
(Art Festa the 9th Art contest)

(Art Festa the 10th Art contest)


Exhibition &Collaborated Jazz Concert in Kobe
Every year since May.2005 at Gallery

Aug.2005 Art Sidney 05 

 Art Collection 2005 in Melbourne

Jan.2006  ZATU ART Exhibition in Yokohama

Aug.2006 SoranoAo ’Dainaor Excivision’ in Kobe

 Suma Apualife Park Volunteer Festival Exhibition in Kobe

 SoranoAo ’Jelly Fish Exhibition’ in Kobe

 Peace Card  Exhibision 2007 in Tokyo

Oct.2007 Exhibition at caffe NEUTRAL in Kobe

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